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Water Gardens

Sandpiper Gardens takes an eco friendly approach to water gardens.  Weather it be a fountain, pond, or pondless water feature we design our systems to be a compliment to the surrounding landscape.

Design and Installation


Evolution Aqua is the Top of the line filtration in the industry. When it comes to the science of pressure filters they have broken the mold.  K1 Media has taken these filters to the next level.  Providing superior surface area the K1 pressure filter traps debris while breaking down ammonia and nitrates.  When your ready to clean the air assist cleans the media and then follow up with a back flush.  Pair with a sieve or skimmer to keep your pond crystal clear.

Pond Maintenance


We shine at making your eco system perfect.  We focus on proper cleaning techniques, and water care.  We remove debris, cut back plants, clean filters, check water quality, and amend water with all treatments needed.  Yes you can clean a pond but keeping the water peramiters perfect is important for proper fish and plant growth.  *Replacement food, water treatments, and filters an be provided during visits)

Stocking and Supplies

koi pond2.jpg

We provide full service stocking, and provide all the materials you need for your pond.  From koi, to fish food, to replacement filters, and Uv bulbs we take care every aspect of your pond needs, even the water plants.  We can get the materials or install them for you.  When it comes to your pond we will make sure you have what you needed.

Repairs and upgrades


Is your water feature not showing you the love you expect.  Weather its a minor leak, torn liner, crack in a concrete pond or an upgrade to your existing pond were here.  We come out inspect your issues, diagnose them and give you the best solutions to repair or upgrade your pond.  We have plenty of experience locating leaks and giving you the right filtration to keep your water clear.

Small Water features


Do you want a large fountain, or a custom made piece we can provide you with the water feature you want.  We have custom designed many a feature for clients from urn fountains to bubbling rocks.  We design your feature to be 100% safe and self filling.  We make sure all your electrical is safe and up to code and your water feature tops off and fills as needed.

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