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Take Back your Eco System

The home lawn is one of the most grown plants in the United States.  But the eco system that backs it has been destroyed by home owners for years.  Now we take a stand and say take back the eco system that backs it up. Rejuvenate your yard and bring back your healthy home.


Our plan of attack to take you back green works on a Multi-level process

  • Mowing your lawn at suggested max height for your lawn increases root systems, resistance to weeds, and thickens up the lawn to keep weeds down.

  • Program your lawn for a Deep watering but not too often. 1-2" weekly is good in Savannah.

  • We apply organic fertilizer small doses more frequently in spring and summer. We only fertilize in fall if applying annual rye.

    • When weeds are present we use a mix of organic based chemicals, and specialty fertilizers to eradicate and eliminate them from your lawn.Got Pest in your yard no problem, There are many methods of pest removal and deterrent we use to keep your lawn free of those pesky boogers. 


Going back to an organic lawn isn't easy.  This can sometimes in extreme circumstances can be a 2-3 year project to achieve perfect results.  We start by going to a low nitrogen fertilizer backed with all the trace elements your yard needs to build its eco system back..  For further establishment of a healthy lawn we add microriza and nematodes to help aid in beneficial bacteria growth.  Earthworms and other beneficial wildlife will follow.  


Things we look for in the lawn as we diagnose problems.

Moss- shade and infertile acidic soil
Nut sedge- too much water poorly drained
Crabgrass- mowing too low
Dandelions potassium deficiency
If the lawn has over 50% weeds its generally cheaper to start over

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