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Pond Filtration

We have compiled some of the best filtration in the industry, when it comes to your pond we have the gear to do it right.

Pro Eco Ez Press Filter


Pro Eco's Ez Press Filter comes in 3 Sizes.  One for a 1000, 1500, and 2000 Gal fish pond.  Filter includes an ez pull filter cleaning system, and a Uv Filter.  These filters are great for existing ponds needing filtration, Micro water ponds, ponds with in pond pumps, and decorative water features.  We have installed this filtration system in many a pond, and can say its a great system that is backed by pro eco for 3 years. 

Helix Moving bed waterfall filter


Helix moving bed waterfall filter is a ammonia processing machine.  These filters use bio mechanical media that move through the water column with beneficial bacteria to break down Ammonia, and nitrates in the water column.  Plus the built in aerator adds tons more oxygen to the water column than a waterfall weir alone. This filter will handle most fish ponds processing 1 lb of fish food a day.

Helix Moving bed waterfall filter

Helix moving bed filter.jpeg

Helix bio mechanical waterfall filter

Helix bio mechanical.jpg

Helix bio mechanical waterfall filter uses lava rock to collect debris while building an ammonia destroying colony .   This filter will handle most fish ponds processing 1 lb of fish food a day.   The filter collects and polishes your water, and then can undergo a easy cleaning cycle every 3 weeks to a month.  Media doesn't have to be removed like filter pad filters, a aeration cycle cleans the debris while it drains out.

Easy Pro Filter pad water fall filter

easy pro melody.jpg

Easy pro Has designed an affordable pad filter used to clean water in ponds and build bacteria, while this is a good filter and can be used on its own, we recommend this filter be used in combination with other filtration techniques to provide crystal clear water with seasonal maintenance.  A great companion would be the Easy pro axiom skimmer filtration unit.

Atlantic Waterfall Filter

atlantic waterfall filter.jpg

Atlantic's Waterfall filter offers a combination of pad filtration and bio ball filtration, with this combination  a high surface area is provided for a nitrifying colony to build up and break down waist.  Another bonus of this filter is the rock shelf that helps you conceal the waterfall filter.  This filter will require manual cleaning every 2 months.

Ultima Bead filter

aqua uv filter.jpeg

Ultima's Bead filters are an affordable koi keepers filter solution.  These pressure filters work under the same concept as a pool filter.  They press debris up from the bottom through the media that traps and collects particles while breaking down nitrogen in the water.  With a simple back flush the debris is removed and the filter is ready to work again.  These filters are great with or without waterfalls.

Evolution K1 Pressure Filter

K1 Filter.jpeg

Evolution Aqua is the Top of the line filtration in the industry. When it comes to the science of pressure filters they have broken the mold.  K1 Media has taken these filters to the next level.  Providing superior surface area the K1 pressure filter traps debris while breaking down ammonia and nitrates.  When your ready to clean the air assist cleans the media and then follow up with a back flush.  Pair with a sieve or skimmer to keep your pond crystal clear.

Evolution Easy Pod


Evolution Aqua's Easy Pod is a premium filtration system for ponds up to 2640 gal.  It provides everything you need. Bio mechanical filtration, Oxygenation, and Uv filtration.  These filters clean and polish your water with dual chambers, the outter chamber binds and collects particles in the water while the inner chamber finishes polishing off the water and breaks down the ammonia and nitrates.  With its auto clean system you set it up and forget it.  The filter cleans and preforms water changes itself.  Evolution Aqua has made the All in one system for your pond.

Evolution Nexus System


The Koi Keepers dream.  This is the top of the line in the Koi pond industry.  With a choice of manual or auto clean its surprisingly affordable for koi care.  Working similarly to the Easy pod  this filter oxygenates the water, removes organic debris, and breaks down amonnia and nitrate.  This filter is for the larger pond size with 2 options a 4800 gal and a 9000 gal.  These filters can be gravity or pump fed.  The 220 model processes 2 lb of fish food a day and the 320 processes 4 lbs.

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