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Paul Lagrooso Pond

Paul Rosso Layout.jpg
Bog plant ideas Iris, Farfugium, water Lillies

Flat rock waterfall Like will be used in design.  Lotus would be a bog plant option

formal koi pond.JPG

Formal Edge Blend for waterfall, Note Travertine would be used as pond edge

block koi pond.JPG

Stacked retaining wall edge, would be more affordable than travertine, and can be raised if client wishes

paul rosso electrical.jpg

Electrical Plan

Waterfall will be 8 ft wide only colors in this special order flagstone are tan and grey

Optional rock edge

drilled rock fountain.jpg

Drilled rock bubbler in bog

Comet Nozzles planned for pond

walnut travertine.jpg
ivory travertine.jpg

Walnut Travertine

Ivory Travertine

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