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Sandpiper Lawn care Program

Why Choose Sandpiper Over the Competition...

Sandpiper Gardens strives to provide quality landscaping services at reasonable prices that are suited to a wide variety of customers. No matter if you are looking for a service plan that caters to all your lawn care needs or just a simple Mowing service. We make sure you have a well trained, highly professional, knowledgeable crew to take care of all of your needs.

Our personal approach sets us apart from many other landscaping companies. We work directly with you and make sure we provide exemplary service. We want to make sure our customers are happy and are able to enjoy their yards. Savannah is known for its beautiful landscapes and we want to make sure we help our beautiful city live up to her name by providing a service to our customers that makes her proud. 

Services to Suit your needs.

  • Mowing, blowing and Edging

  • Plantings

  • Gardener Services

  • Yard Cleanups

  • Pond Care

  • Mulch and Pinestraw

  • Shrub Trimming and Pruning

  • Weed treatments and fertilizing

  • Insect and Disease treatments

  • Irrigation repairs and maintenance

      And much more.

A New Standard

Eco-Green Lawn care for all!

 Did you know that landscaping companies are one of the biggest polluters in the United States? We strive to be one of the best Eco friendly landscape companies in Savannah. Sandpiper Gardens has switched our professional lawn care equipment to professional battery based equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.  Furthermore our Eco-friendly equipment is quieter making it more enjoyable for you inside your home while we are maintaining your yard.  

With our easy online client portal you can pay a bill, access estimates, invoices, past payments,  and more.

A  Lawn Care Plan Built for you.

Our custom build lawn care plan starts with a visit to your yard and a consult with you. We build a plan based around your needs and your gardens Eco-system.  After our consultation we build an annual plan for your garden to make sure all your yards needs are meet.  After reviewing our recommended plan for your lawn and garden we give you the chance to make changes to better suit your budget and needs. Once we have the details of the service plan mapped out for the year you will then choose from one of our billing plans. We offer two options for billing to our customers. The first is a simple monthly service billing option. Simply put, you pay for all services provided each month. Our second option, a monthly Installment Agreement, is a plan that is unique to only a few landscaping companies in Savannah and we have found that our customers love it. This plan looks at all services to be provided in a period of 1 year and averages out 12 installments of the same price to be paid monthly. This plan is great for customers looking for a bill that has no surprises as well as offering the chance to provide a method of giving your yard a fresh look with mulch, annuals, fertilization, etc. in the months you want it and spreading the cost out evenly over the year. This allows you to have that beautiful manicured lawn with fresh mulch and flowers each season without spending the thousands of dollars it can sometimes cost.

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