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Snapdragons Grow from 6 to 48" Tall

Planting can be done in fall or spring.

Plant snapdragons in full sun to partial shade, but remember to make sure the snapdragons are in well drained soil. 

Snapdragons love to be fertilized but don't use a high nitrogen fertilizer. 


Begonias grow from 6 to 12" Tall

Begonias will thrive from Spring to Early Fall in Savannah

Begonias like high but filtered light, like under the eve of porch or where tree cover just barely shades the blooms. 

Make sure to not plant begonias in soil that stays wet.  Water twice a week in the ground and daily in pots and containers.

A standard 20-20-20 Mix fertilizer will help keep your begonias looking beautiful.


Coleus grows from 9-16" Tall

Coleus grows Spring through Fall, but occasional pinching back is needed to go thorough the whole season.

Coleus likes moist well drained soil. 

Depending on variety different light requirements are required.


Impatients grow 6-18" Tall

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